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Weak Southern Pine Lumber Demand Forces Production Slowdown

VANCOUVER, BC Interfor Corp. said weak demand for southern yellow pine lumber is forcing it to reduce production by 20 percent at its southern U.S. mills.

Work hours at the mills were reduced by five hours until further notice, Interfor (TSX:IFP) said.  "Prices for southern yellow pine lumber have fallen by 27 percent since the beginning of the year as available supply has outstripped product demand in the region," said Duncan Davies, Interfor's president and CEO.


3 Trillion Trees: What The Global Number Means to You

The Yale-led study that found more than 3 trillion trees on Earth surprised researchers, who previously pegged the number at 400 billion. Thomas Crowther, a Yale Climate & Energy Institute post-doctoral fellow at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies was lead author of the study.

Panel Supply

Stone Countertop Features Antibacterial Surface Treatment

An anti-bacterial coating for granite and other stone has been developed by Antolini, a quarry and stone curator. Based in Italy with U.S. distributors, Antolini says it is the first to apply the treatment - which it brands as A Zerobact - to stone surfaces. Intended for food preparation areas, A Zerobact is available on its newest Signature Stone Collection, and has certifications from the US EPA, EU for Food Contact Safety, NSF for Food Contact Safety. A stamp of authenticity is applied to all slabs treated with A zerobact.


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