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Brazilian Tulipwood

By Jo-Ann Kaiser Posted: 04/12/2002 12:00AM

If wood had a pedigree, Brazilian tulipwood, the colorful member of the Dalbergia (rosewood) genus might be considered best in show.


By Jo-Ann Kaiser Posted: 12/12/2001 12:00AM

Ipe offers durability, strength and good looks.

Oak’s a Winner With Americans in National Arbor Day Poll

By Jo-Ann Kaiser Posted: 07/05/2001 12:00AM

When Wood & Wood Products initiated the Wood of the Month column in June 1986, oak was a natural choice to be the first featured wood.

Santos Rosewood

By Jo-Ann Kaiser Posted: 08/12/2000 12:00AM

Red Oak 1

By Jo-Ann Kaiser Posted: 02/12/2000 12:00AM

Queensland Maple

By Jo-Ann Kaiser Posted: 04/12/1999 12:00AM

Australia's 'Non Maple' Maple

Chenchen Wood

By Jo-Ann Kaiser Posted: 02/05/1999 12:00AM

Chen Chen is a wood that has been gaining in popularity but is still not widely known. Antiaris and kyenkyen are the most commonly used, but bonkonko, kirundu, oro, ogiovu, ako, andoum, tsangu, akeche, mkuzu, mlulu, and mumaka are also used in various parts of the world.

Black Locust

By Jo-Ann Kaiser Posted: 04/12/1998 12:00AM

Black Locust The Valuable Locust

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