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Wood Veneer Made from Banana Tree Trunks

Papyrus Australia Ltd.'s paptented technology converts the waste trunk of banana palms into alternatives to forest wood products for furniture, building, and construction. The Papyrus process banana trunk conversion yields wood products with qualities not found in existing wood-based products due to the uniform pattern of banana tree trunks.

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Myanmar Frees 153 Chinese Loggers Sentenced to Life

MYANMAR -  Myanmar has freed 153 Chinese facing life sentences for illegal logging.  Their release was part of a larger presidential amnesty deal which freed close to 7,000 prisoners.

Last week's sentencing strained the country's relation with neighboring China. News reports say a life sentence like that given to the 153 loggers, is typically equal to 20 years. An additional two Chinese loggers, both said to be minors, were given 10 years.


Yoder Lumber's New Website Is Awesome

The rise of mobile phones means woodworking companies, like all businesses, must relaunch their websites. Yoder Lumber has done so with an unusual degree of detail and quality, that conveys much about how the company runs other aspects of its business.


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