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By Jo-Ann Kaiser Posted: 12/12/1998 2:00AM

Ekki Heavy Tree Puts 'Hard' in Hardwood

Osage Orange

By Jo-Ann Kaiser Posted: 11/12/1998 2:00AM

Osage Orange Made Its Name as Bow Wood


By Jo-Ann Kaiser Posted: 09/12/1998 2:00AM

Mesquite Makes Inroads as Commercial Wood

Black/Italian Poplar

Posted: 08/12/1998 2:00AM

Black Poplar Makes for Popular Mappa Burl

Red Oak

By Jo-Ann Kaiser Posted: 07/05/1998 2:00AM

Oak is such a commonly used wood in the United States that it could almost be described as ubiquitous. Most of the industry divides oak into two main categories, white oak and red oak. But even when oak is counted as two distinct woods, red oak and white oak have consistently been named among the top five most used woods at the High Point Furniture market each spring and fall.


By Jo-Ann Kaiser Posted: 06/12/1998 2:00AM

Sapele Yields Coveted Furniture Wood


By Jo-Ann Kaiser Posted: 05/12/1998 2:00AM

The Fascinating Tale of Mahogany


By Jo-Ann Kaiser Posted: 03/12/1998 2:00AM

Padauk A Wood by Any Other Name

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