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European Beech

By Jo-Ann Kaiser Posted: 12/12/1997 2:00AM

European Beech ideal for steam bending


By Jo-Ann Kaiser Posted: 11/12/1997 2:00AM

Aspen The Under-Rated Species

European Plane

By Jo-Ann Kaiser Posted: 09/12/1997 2:00AM

European Plane Sycamore's Fancy Cousin


Posted: 08/12/1996 2:00AM

Sequoia Even the Name Is Majestic


Posted: 07/12/1996 2:00AM

Wenge The Dark Wood from Africa


Posted: 10/12/1995 2:00AM

Afrormosia closely resembles teak and is so often used as a teak substitute that it is sometimes referred to as African teak. But the wood is prized for for more than simply its resemblance to teak -- it is also valued for character and properties all its own.

Koa 1

Posted: 09/12/1994 2:00AM

Strum a Ukelele, and You Are Playing Koa's Tune

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