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Santos Rosewood: A Highly Polished Substitute

By Jo-Ann Kaiser Posted: 11/01/2014 12:00PM

Santos rosewood or Bolivian rosewood, a fine grain and highly polished wood stepped as a substitute for traditional, endangered rosewoods.

True Hickory Offers True Grit and Texture

By Jo-Ann Kaiser Posted: 09/30/2014 2:05PM

Hickory wood yields a wide range of shades, from white to cream sapwood with fine brown lines and a tan to reddish heartwood along with character marks.

Ipe's Toughness and Beauty is Part of Its Charm

By Jo-Ann Kaiser Posted: 09/01/2014 11:00AM

Ipe is a popular wood favored for outdoor applications and is often used for decking, furniture, heavy construction, marine wood as well as interior flooring.

White Oak Stays Red Hot in Cabinetry and Flooring

By Jo-Ann Kaiser Posted: 08/05/2014 11:00AM

American white oak is in demand for a wide range of applications including furniture, cabinetry, doors, panels, flooring, musical instruments, boat building and barrels.

Ekki: The Workhorse of Hardwoods

By Jo-Ann Kaiser Posted: 08/01/2014 11:47AM

The hardwood ekki is noted more for its impressive strength and difficulty in working than its appearance.

Rubberwood Bounces Back: Components & Furniture Usage Grows

By Jo-Ann Kaiser Posted: 07/08/2014 11:00AM

Rubberwood is used today in a wide range of wood products, including furniture, cabinetry, components, flooring, turnery, vases, stair treads, knife blocks, sofa legs, and more.

Black Locust: The Valuable Locust, A Utilitarian Hardwood

By Jo-Ann Kaiser Posted: 06/30/2014 11:47AM

Black locust is remarkable for its qualities of strength and durability when used for fence posts, poles, ties, mine timbers and stakes--utilitarian roles which exceed its use for furniture and cabinetry.

Red Alder Use Evolves: Ideal for Cabinetry & Casegoods

By Jo-Ann Kaiser Posted: 06/05/2014 11:00AM

Red alder has morphed from a nuisance tree to a respected hardwood in North America and beyond. It is used today for cabinetry, furniture, flooring, moulding and more.

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