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Vacuum-powered Dremel Cleans as It Cuts

Dremel launched a vacuum-powered rotary tool that cleans debris while running. The VRT1 turns a shop vacuum into a turbine-powered rotary tool capturing airborne dust as it goes for dusty projects in drywall, wood, glass, ceramic and a variety of similar dust-producing materials.

Event Coverage

Mightier Pens: Milwaukee Tool Reinvents Job Site Writing

At Milwaukee Tool’s latest product showcase event, I was in heaven, Focusing on new tool after new tool. I barely had time to register what I liked about one before I feel in love with another. But in an event dominated by power tools, what stuck out the most to me had no power source at all: INKZALL, a revolutionary new worksite pen.That they thought to reinvent the lowly job site pen really blew my mind. Here's the story behind it.


Amerock Launches Custom Colored Cabinetry Hardware

MOORESVILLE, NC - Amerock Hardware launched Splash, an interactive design and shopping site that lets users customize decorative hardware for cabinets and furniture. Pulls and knobs are offered in more than 20  colors with 400 different combinations.

The interactive site for a first-of-its-kind product line lets buyers test various colors and shapes of cabinetry hardware, then view the various looks on different style and color cabinets. Uses include kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and living areas.


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