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Richelieu Offers Outdoor Living Solutions

Montreal – Outdoor living is a rapidly growing lifestyle trend for homeowners looking for ways to expand their entertaining spaces. Building fully functional outdoor kitchens equipped with cooking, preparation and storage areas can also be a great way to increase the value of a home.


Best Practices Guide

How to Put a Round Peg in a Round Hole? Plug Cutters

Filling a roundish hole in a plank is a not-uncommon requirement: covering screw holes, knot holes, or reclaimed wood accompanied by cuts for plumbing and heating, can present boards that need something beyond wood filler - they need a plug. Here are four tools we've run across, and a bit about a project involving hole plugging.

Wood Machinery & Supplies

Four Tooling Techniques to Improve CNC Router Operation

When selecting CNC tooling, here's one basic rule of thumb: choose the tool that has the shortest overall length possible. This will guarantee that the tool is as rigid possible. Maintaining a level of rigidity ensures the higher performance. Second, adhering to proper collet techniques will safeguard against damaging the tool and shortening its life. Read on for tips on mounting tools and setting rotation direction.


3M Shows Expanded Cubitron II Sanding Discs at AWFS Fair 2015

3M showed its Cubitron II 775L Film and 732U paper sanding discs at the AWFS Fair 2015. The expanded grade range is now available in 80+ to 220+ grit. When 3M introduced Cubitron II two years ago, it described it as "a revolutionary advancement in abrasive technology featuring triangular shaped ceramic mineral. As grains wear, they continually fracture to form sharp points that slice through the substrate and wear evenly.


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