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Sanding and Finishing

3 Methods for sanding five-piece doors

The sanding operation is one of the key components to producing a quality finish. Although hand sanding is one option, automating the process can prove to be more cost effective – not only in time savings, but in the consistency the machines provide, from part to part. The benefits of automated sanding, and a look at three key types of systems – calibration, brush and orbital – was the topic of the recent webcast “3 Ways to Sand Doors Using No Hand Work,” available on-demand at

Solid Wood Machining

Saw station backboard defecting demonstration

The saw station in this video is new, but it was not optimized, to provide an idea of what a rough setup looks like. TigerStop, which produced this video, says the performance of this station is typical of one that receives little maintenance, with the operator focused on volume of parts rather than quality.


CAM software spurs Kellerman cabinet design options

Sacrificing quality to stay competitive isn’t an option for Jack Kellerman, a long-time kitchen and bath professional whose reputation is built on delivering the best. Partnered with his brother, Kurt, Jack Kellerman opened Kellerman Kitchen & Bath in 1995 after noticing a significant absence in high-quality kitchen and bath showrooms in Baton Rouge and its surrounding areas.


Top 10 kitchen cabinetry & design trends

At KBIS, some of the nation's top kitchen and bath designers shared their insight on the latest color and style trends, as revealed in the 2016 Design Trends Survey by the National Kitchen & Bath Association. Based on survey results of more than 450 designers, here are the Top 10 kitchen and cabinet style trends to watch for in 2016.

Cutting & Grinding (Cutting Tools & Grinders)

How to pick the right cutting tool for the job: Shop Smarts Challenge

How do you decide when to use diamond, carbide-tipped or insert tooling for the machining operation?  A number of woodworkers responded to the query posted on, and gave their input on December's Shop Smarts challenge.  In a randomly selected drawing, the detailed answer provided by Pat Mullery at Creative Concepts of Orlando, was chosen to be the most helpful.


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