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Capturing CNC dust at Xylem Designs

Ben at display fixture manufacturer Xylem Design, shows Brad Cairns a baffle he set up to channel flying sawdust from next to the CNC machine. It's an example of innovative ideas developed under Lean management.


Four tips for building an oak-strong sales culture

Salespeople are competitive, outgoing, customer-focused, persistent, and relentlessly determined to meet and beat targets.These fundamentals remain firmly in place, but must be adapted to the advance of a complex, technologically-driven world.

Woodworking Industry News

What woodworkers need to know about the EPA Formaldehyde Regulation

EPA’s regulation addressing formaldehyde emissions in composite panels is very consistent with CARB. While the regulation includes a narrow group of veneered panels, it does not include other veneer types, papers or other decorative overlays commonly used with composite wood. Products made with these are considered to be finished goods and must use compliant composite wood substrates. EPA's requirements go into effect Dec. 12, 2017, with limited exceptions.


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