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How To Create Contour Panels Using Kerfkore

Kerfkore patented bendable substrates can be used to form lightweight structural panels and architectural panels and allow for the creation of curves and imaginative shapes. Here is a demonstration of one of those.


How To Apply Silicone Countertop Sealant

Hardware supplier Richelieu shows how to cut the right angle on a caulking nozzle to make a properly shaped bead of caulk to seal the seam between vertical and horizontal surfaces.

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Solving Cabinet Dowel Hole Location Problems: Shop Smart Challenge

What’s the best method for getting dowel hole locations on the cabinet fronts to line up with the end panels? Woodworking experts put their know-how to the test, providing solutions to October's Shop Smart challenge, presented by Woodworking Network. In a randomly selected drawing, the detailed answer provided by Larry Lee, owner of Pearl River Cabinet Co. in Carriere, MS, proved to be a winner.


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