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Four Signs Your Air-powered Sander Is Thirsty for Oil

When you feel you air-powered sander's rate of cut slow down, it could be telling you, 'I'm Thirsty.' After operating an air-powered woodworking tool repair service for 10 years - repairing and rebuilding thousands of sanders of various brands - I put together some of the most commonly asked questions, including lubrication. Attention to the care and maintenance of your air-powered sanders can yield twice the life on your purchase, just like rotating car tires or following recomended oil change intervals for your vehicle.

Ask a Woodworker

Fuming Wood to Darken It With Ammonia: How To Do It

Staining wood to give it a darker, richer color is an age-old practice; while methods have improved, staining still has drawbacks - since a stained surface can be damaged, and surfaces accept stain unevenly. Fuming with ammonia is an alternative, and Ottawa, Ontario-based Lee Valley Tools offers this advice on how to do it.

Panel Processing

5 Tips for Purchasing That First CNC Router

Here's the first no-brainer: before investing in a CNC router, or any woodworking machinery, for that matter: visit an existing user and get a firsthand account of the machine from someone who has actually lived through using it. Try to visit on your own, without a salesman around. You'll hear pretty quickly how effective it has been for them, and get good insight into four more tips for first time CNC buyers.


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