Activated Decore Launches Hardwood TV Lift Furniture Line

By Bill Esler | Posted: 06/18/2013 10:43PM


Activated Cabinets Lusso Living Peter RupcicPeter Rupcic, principal, Activated Cabinets. Rupcic offers comments on why his firm should win in the marketplace. HAMILTON, ON - A line of motorized TV cabinetry that raises and lowers cabinets and television screens has won Canadian cabinetmaker Activated Decor a spot on a business launch reality show.

Lusso Living, and its affiliate, Activated Decor, retrofit kitchen cabinets and closets with motorized lifts to put the cabinet box within easy reach of homeowners with limited mobility - those aging in place, wheel-chair bound, or any individual challenged to reach or lift at awkward angles. Easy Reach brand lifts can be retrofit to existing cabinets and closets, or built into new cabinets.

In April, Activated Decor launched and unveiled its latest offering: solid wood furniture built from hand-selected, kiln dried hardwoods. Activated says its new Tuscany and Rouge Valley lines of TV lift cabinets are crafted with old world craftsmanship. Clients can choose their stain and hardware to suit their tastes. The company, represented by principal Peter Rupcic, is competing with other start-ups in a competition in Hamilton, ON.

Each piece is built-to-order to accommodate plasma flat screen, or LCD flat screen tv into furniture. Activated Decor says it builds its own brackets, electronics and motorized platforms to provide a higher level of performance and quality than third party hardware offers.


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Peter Rupcic    
Hamilton ON  |  June, 25, 2013 at 06:29 PM

Just wanted to thank you for picking up on our company, Lusso Living Products Inc, in your e-newsletter. By way of clarifying things, Lusso Living Products and Activated Decor are separate companies but are indeed related. Activated Decor has been a leader in the motorized lift-equipped television space for over 8 years. We have sold our high end tv lifts with our 'Smart Box" technology from our home base in Hamilton Ontario, Canada to the east and west coasts of the US to the desert oasis of Dubai. Our TV lifts can be found in the living spaces, toys and playgrounds of the rich and famous (or not so famous), the boardrooms of large corporations and the "man caves" of countless regular folks like you and me in middle America. About a year ago, we thought we would take our expertise in utilizing motorized lifts in the home entertainment field and apply it to other areas of the home. Jerry Sorbara, who founded Activated Decor partnered up with our other principal Darren Slater and I came along a little later. We had a vision to use our lift technology smarts to make life easier for people who were physically challenged to some degree... i.e. those who "needed a lift" figuratively as much as literally. Our natural markets for the Easy Reach cabinets are for seniors who modify their homes to Age in Place, and the physically disabled. We took a look at the market for this type of product and found that it was missing the boat in two key areas. Continued . . . .

Peter Rupcic    
Hamilton ON  |  June, 25, 2013 at 06:31 PM

. Our natural markets for the Easy Reach cabinets are for seniors who modify their homes to Age in Place, and the physically disabled. We took a look at the market for this type of product and found that it was missing the boat in two key areas. 1) They simply lowered up and down making it still difficult to access the contents if the user was in a wheelchair and had to reach across a countertop to get at the cabinet. 2) They were so obviously different from a regular cabinet they were unattractive in a regular home environment. So we set out to design a cabinet that would not only lower down, but also toward the waiting hand of the user. We also wanted to employ a Design For All (DFA) philosophy to this product. With our Easy Reach cabinets we have designed them in such a way that they are indistinguishable from a non motorized cabinet. And really, why shouldnt they be? So many products made for the physically disabled clearly shout out "Disabled person lives here!" It doesn't have to be that way. In fact, in our view it makes good business sense for manufacturers to employ the DFA philosophy as much as possible as it will give their products a 'crossover' appeal that will create more opportunity for them to sell their products. This is what we are finding with the Easy Reach Cabinets. Not only can they improve the quality of your life by increasing the user's independence to function more easily in their living space, but they are simply kind of cool and will appeal to those who appreciate the latest "toys" . As someone told us when they viewed our prototype: "This is Batman Sh*%&! and I have to have one of these"

June, 25, 2013 at 06:34 PM

Lusso Living Products' Easy Reach line also includes height adjustable sinks, cook tops, workstations, and closet shelving. We do all sorts of custom jobs as well. As we say on our website: "Don't see it here? Wait a few months and you just might, or better yet, tell us what you want to make move and we will work with you to make it happen" We launched Lusso Living in earnest a couple of months ago. The story you picked up on was a piece that came out of a contest we are now so fortunate to be involved in. It is called Lion's Lair, a take off of the popular "Dragons Den" show in Canada where entrepreneurs bring their products to a team of business investors who determine whether or not they want to invest in those companies. The winner gets $100,000 in cash and services to help them develop their company. Its a pretty big deal for a small company and the exposure alone we will get over the next two months is going to help us alot. Lusso Living's Easy Reach Cabinets are the product that is in the contest. The Activated Decor Television Cabinet is a different animal, and we just happened to be introducing it at the time the announcement for the Lions Lair came out that you picked up on. So while your story was accurate about the products, it was not fully accurate as to what product was in the Lions Lair Show. No problem though Bill. ..its all good. These are both great products and we are anxious to get the word out on them so again, I appreciate you picking up on them and giving us a shout out in your newsletter. Peter Rupcic VP Sales and Marketing Lusso Living Products


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