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Research woodworking equipment and machinery for professional woodworkers.

Oneida Air 5hp Smar High Vacuum Dust Collector

Vacuum Dust Collector for CNC Applications

Wintersteiger TRC Easy Plus

Automated Wood Repair System for Flooring

Viridian Reclaimed Lumber Good Neighbor Paneling from reclaimed redwood fencing reclaimed cedar fencing

Paneling from Reclaimed Redwood and Cedar Fencing

Kreg Foreman DB210 Pocket-Hole Machine

Pocket-Hole Machine With Adjustable Fence

FEIN Power Tools 119 Turbo 1, II and III Pro Shop Vacuums

Hepa Series of Professional Shop Vacuums

ST-Mate Estimating Sofware

Job Estimating Sofware for Woodworkers

Live Edge Wood Slabs

Shop Gear Inc. Le-matic portable edgebander with automatic glue pot

Portable Edgebander with Automatic Glue Pot

Southeast Tool Insert Thread-On

4-Sided Insert Thread-On Router Bits

RUF Product 16519 Briquetting Systems

Customizable Briquetting Systems

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