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Cabinet Door Lift Support


Blum launched its TIP-ON for AVENTOS mechanical opening support for lift doors to its network of 150+ distributor locations. TIP-ON has been available for Blum’s drawer systems and CLIP top hinges for some time and is now available for AVENTOS lift systems.

TIP-ON for AVENTOS is a solution for a handle-free door design. The mechanical opening feature allows the user to simply push on the door front to open and to close, simply press lightly on the front and the catch plate attached to the inside of the front ensures secure closing. TIP-ON is available for Blum’s AVENTOS HK and HK-S stay lift systems. Applications for the AVENTOS lift system program include the kitchen, living room office are more.

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(800) 438-6788         
(800) 438-6788         
(800) 438-6788         


(800) 438-6788         


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