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Solid Wood Machining & Material


End-Matching & Coping Machines
PMK Machinery

  Pocket Cutter/Screw Inserter
Castle Inc.

  Two-Edge Ripping
Baillie Lumber Co.

  Hardwood Lumber Manufacturer
Northwest Hardwoods

Laser Engraving System
Epilog Laser

  CNC Routers
AXYZ International

  Structural Panel Products App

  Lumber Program Advancements
American Lumber Co.

New Tooling & Machinery Catalog
Charles G.G. Schmidt & Co.

  Polyurethane Rollers
Western Roller Corporation

  CNC Miter Door Machine
Pillar Machine

  Miter Saw Stand
Affinity Tool Works

CNC Drill & Dowel Inserting Machine
Carolina Machinery Group LLC

  Bamboo Dimensional Lumber
Smith & Fong

  Bore and Dowel Machining Center
Pillar Machine

  Reclaimed Oak Truck Decking
Rockler Woodworking and Hardware

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