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Random Scraping Machine for Flooring

The Kentwood Random Scraping Machine from Stiles completely automates the production of the authentic-looking antique wood scraped flooring, says the company. It has the ability to create hundreds of patterns that can be saved and used over again as needed. It can provide various radial and flat type scrapes, smooth and chatter cutting, and jumping knives to create divots where the knife enters and exits the surface, adds Stiles. The edge scrapers can provide chamfered and pillow type edge work. This thru-feeding machine can reach top speeds of 100 ft/min. It is complete with two denibbing stations to prepare the surface for staining after scraping. Since it does not use rotating tools, there are no knife marks in the grooves to sand out, says Stiles.

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About Stiles Machinery Inc.

For over 45 years, Stiles has been helping manufacturers succeed.  More than the largest supplier of quality machinery, Stiles provides a Total Production Solutions approach by also offering equipment integration, financial services, education, service and parts. By having a wealth of solutions whether defined as people, products or services, Stiles merges the best thinking and the best ideas in a solution that works best for their customers. Headquartered in

Grand Rapids, Mich., Stiles has regional offices in High Point and Gastonia, NC; Shelton, Conn.; Coppell, Texas; and Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. Visit Stiles at



Phone: 616-698-7500

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