Becker Acroma announces the addition of EZ Stains Blending System to its product line. EZ Stains is an inter-mix blending system consisting of nine ready-to-use stains. The system comes with a formula book, which contains 80 pre-matched colors, allowing an unlimited number of custom stain colors.

Available with the system are solid wood color chips, mixing equipment, a web-based support service, which enables the customer to store custom formulas, resize stain batches and much more.

About Becker Acroma

Becker Acroma has earned a reputation for innovative wood finishing products from Europe that increase value, reduce waste, enhance efficiency, and improve the quality of your products. Our customers cover the spectrum of wood production industries, and our representatives work with them to provide the best finishing solutions for their specific needs, plus in-depth advice and comprehensive support. We offer a choice of wood finishes that are optimized for quality, durability, and cost effectiveness. As you look for solutions for your industrial wood finishing needs, look no further than Becker Acroma.

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