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Safranek Enterprises Inc. announces the addition of video clips to its Web site. Each clip shows a specific benefit and function of the Her-Saf panel router, enabling both the customer and owners to look closely at the functions of this machine, the company says. Safranek Enterprises has been producing the Her-Saf panel router for more than 40 years, along with the Quick Change router bit system.

About Safranek Enterprises Inc.

Safranek Enterprises Incorporated began in 1954 as "Herrmann & Safranek," a full-line commercial cabinet and millwork business. Their line of products included modular and no-face frame styled cabinets. They used materials like Corian; vinyl-surfaced materials; high-pressure laminates; oak, birch, and walnut (real woods); plywood; and particle boards -- each with their own manufacturing challenges. In 1957, Hermann & Safranek built at their new location: 4005 El Camino Real in Atascadero California. They established a reputation as leaders in cabinet design and helped contribute to the WIC standards in California.

Having a need to dado more efficiently and safely, Mr. Safranek set to work to solve the problem. He proceeded to build the first panel router. He designed each part to contribute to the accuracy, dependability and safety of the machine. Because of the uniqueness of the machine, he was encouraged to seek a patent. With the beginning of the 1960's, the Panel Router was patented and the first Panel Routers were manufactured and sold. A machinery manufacturer was born in the middle of a cabinet and millwork shop. A product name was required, so using the first three letters of their last names, "Her-Saf Products®" made its debut.



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