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Premium Class CNC Router

Techno Inc. introduces its new Premium Class CNC router. According to the company, the heavy-duty router has a stress-relieved steel base and uses THK rails and bearings. To ensure minimal maintenance and machine longevity all three axes are equipped with ball screws as well as Brushless Servo Motors to provide power and accuracy, according to Techno.

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About Techno Inc.

Techno, Inc. CNC Routers has been manufacturing precision CNC Routers worldwide since 1986. With over 23 years of CNC design expertise, Techno has provided high-quality machinery at affordable prices. Using some of the industries best quality components, Techno's machinery is durable and requires minimal maintenance. A full line of CNC accessories, CNC cutting tools, CNC software and other CNC automation solutions is available online at: Find out how a Techno CNC Router can streamline your production and turn a small investment into a big return.


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