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Panel Saw Table Dust Extraction

The Holzma dustEX Dust Extraction System is designed to automatically remove dust from panel saw tables, says the company. Without requiring operator involvement, the Holzma dustEX technology uses single-direction air ball valves to blow air horizontally instead of vertically, says the company, creating a cushion of air to move dust toward a redesigned program fence where it is vacuumed into a collection unit. The dustEX eliminates dust damage to surface panels and saw table plates, adds Holzma. Unlike traditional methods of dust removal, the dustEX does not require an operator, says the company. The machine removes all dust from the table plates and keeps dust from accumulating behind the saw on the floor, adds the company. Benefits include protection from flying dust and chips, which reduces the chance of scratches to material and premature table wear plus cost savings due to freeing up operator time. An additional benefit is a cleaner work environment around the saw for operators, says Holzma.

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For over 45 years, Stiles has been helping manufacturers succeed.  More than the largest supplier of quality machinery, Stiles provides a Total Production Solutions approach by also offering equipment integration, financial services, education, service and parts. By having a wealth of solutions whether defined as people, products or services, Stiles merges the best thinking and the best ideas in a solution that works best for their customers. Headquartered in

Grand Rapids, Mich., Stiles has regional offices in High Point and Gastonia, NC; Shelton, Conn.; Coppell, Texas; and Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. Visit Stiles at



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