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Nap Gladu is a large manufacturer of diamond tooling for the woodworking industry, and it is vertically integrated from tool design to manufacturing to sharpening and re-work, all designed to help achieve the lowest cost per cut, the company says. Nap Gladu will be in Booth 5113 at IWF 2012.

(800) 634-8665


About NAP Gladu

NAP GLADU is the largest, most complete source of carbide and diamond cutting tools and service for the wood, metal and plastic industry in North America. NAP GLADU produces the most sophisticated tooling in the market by using state-of-the-art equipment. The coast-to-coast network of 12 production and service centers is the largest in the industry, and the expanded product line addresses all of the cutting needs of our customer base.

Trusted to be there when and where you need us since 1941.



Phone: 812-482-2000

Fax: 800-457-7458


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