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Hanging Closet of History

By Jess Wangsness Posted: 11/26/2008 11:29AM

With the holiday season upon us, would a colonial closet tax impact consumer behavior?

New frontiers in technology

By Matthew Warnock Posted: 11/21/2008 12:00AM

Recently, I saw a video online about a new piece of technology that made me wonder at the possibilities that might suddenly be available if this were to come to the woodworking industry. What was it that I saw? A robot.

Tracing high risk timber

By Mike Wilson Posted: 11/18/2008 12:00AM

Characters such as the “Ramin King,” mob violence and men who claim to make more money trafficking timber than smuggling drugs populate this The New Yorker magazine story by Raffi Khatchadourian titled "The Stolen Forests."

Book Club for Organizers

By Jess Wangsness Posted: 11/14/2008 11:12AM

Ready for the chronicles of Patience Oaktree, the best organizer in the State? A new book about a professional clutter-buster makes us wonder: What have you read lately?

Upgrading technology, a cautionary tale

By Matthew Warnock Posted: 11/10/2008 12:00AM

It is of the utmost importance for companies to remain abreast of modern technology in the woodworking industry. In most cases, the benefits of implementing current technology far outweigh the costs associated with purchasing or upgrading that technology. However, there are times when the cost of upgrading can climb in terms of lost time, effort and productivity.

Turning that Corner

By Jess Wangsness Posted: 11/07/2008 12:58PM

The economic crisis could prove the perfect opportunity to wander down the boulevard of market differentiation.

Video from the Dollars & Sense of Going Green Conference

Posted: 11/04/2008 12:00AM

Click on the video to see some quick highlights from the first two morning sessions I attended Tuesday, Oct. 28.

Should the USGBC Change LEED's Wood Rules?

By Mike Wilson Posted: 10/31/2008 12:00AM

I just returned from the “Dollars and Sense of Going Green” conference in Indianapolis, and despite having time to stay for only two sessions, I gained some serious perspective on the litany of certifications and regulations available to woodworkers. The alphabet soup of acronyms is finally starting to spell GREEN to me.

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