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How to Pay a Wood Industry Salesperson

By Rick Hill Posted: 01/26/2011 2:00AM

What is the best way to compensate a salesperson? Should it be a salary, commission, or both?

How to Hire a Wood Industry Salesperson

By Rick Hill Posted: 01/19/2011 2:00AM

The reason that car dealers and cell phone people are so aggressive is they are in the job for just one sale. The immediate sale is more important to them than a long-term business relationship with you.

Staying in Touch with Clients

By Rick Hill Posted: 01/12/2011 2:00AM

The key to working with the the vast array of communication methods available today is matching them to the situation.

Is Your Product “Sell-able”?

By Rick Hill Posted: 01/05/2011 2:00AM

Joe is a great woodworker with a cool new table top idea. He called me the other day and asked me to help him set up sales people for his invention.

We Still Don't Get It

By Rick Hill Posted: 12/29/2010 2:00AM

Our kids (and their friends) have no idea what makes a quality piece of furniture. Dovetail drawers, ball bearing slides, solid wood boxes and backs are all terms they have never heard. Shame on us.

Who Are You Selling to?

By Rick Hill Posted: 12/22/2010 2:00AM

In selling  a large contractor, you really have multiple buyers:  the Project Manager (concerned with accurate delivery times), the Installation Supervisor (demands accuracy), and the Purchasing Agent (concerned about price). Use empathy to win them.

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

By Rick Hill Posted: 12/15/2010 2:00AM

Look at Dyson vacuums and Keurig coffee makers: More expensive than competitors and yet the hottest  items in the store. An example closer to home? SawStop and FastCap; soft close slides and hinges:  great ideas that answer customer problems.

Sales Forecasts That Mean Something

By Rick Hill Posted: 12/08/2010 2:00AM

Companies often forecast for financial projections, but not for improving their business.

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