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Automated Home Living

By Karen Koenig Posted: 01/30/2012 11:07AM

I wonder if the team of Hanna-Barbera ever thought of themselves as visionaries. In the more than 50 years since the creation of the Jetsons, a space-age family living in a high-tech electronics world, much of what they envisioned home and work life to be in that futuristic, space-age world, has actually become a reality.

No Whining Over Ignorance of CARB

By Karen Koenig Posted: 01/23/2012 1:48PM

I frankly have no sympathy for the California storeowner who claims he was completely ignorant of the CARB Rule until one month before it took effect.

Working in an Office Fishbowl

By Karen Koenig Posted: 01/16/2012 12:35PM

Don’t get me wrong I am not against open-plan work environments or even partial cubicles. But the trend toward glass-walled offices and meeting rooms has got to go.

The DaVinci Fake Furniture Scandal Saga Continues

By Karen Koenig Posted: 01/09/2012 1:21PM

The latest charges of corruption and extortion to hit Chinese residential furniture manufacturer DaVinci Furniture come straight out of a made-for-TV movie.

Biomass Reform Needed in Britain: Sound Familiar?

By Karen Koenig Posted: 12/19/2011 1:58PM

UK woodworkers are up in arms over the British government’s subsidizing of the use of virgin wood for biomass. Sounds familiar?

U.S. Engineered Flooring Industry Gets Boost from Government

By Karen Koenig Posted: 12/12/2011 1:05PM

The U.S. multilayered flooring industry received a boost following the announcement last week by the International Trade Administration that antidumping and countervailing duties would be assessed on more than 100 Chinese manufacturers.

One Man's Trash Is Another's Furniture

By Karen Koenig Posted: 12/05/2011 1:22PM

I’ve come to the conclusion that people will buy anything as long as it’s marketed right — including cardboard furniture.

Consumer Spending Survey Offers Optimism for U.S. Industries

By Karen Koenig Posted: 11/28/2011 11:17AM

According to the National Retail Federation report on Nov. 27, 226 million shoppers spent a record $52.4 billion in stores and websites over the weekend, up from $45 billion and 212 million shoppers last year.

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