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On Tour at China's Fortune & Decca

By Karen Koenig Posted: 03/03/2011 12:00AM

Continuing on a wood furniture production technology tour of China, Wood & Wood Products Editor in Chief Karen Koenig shares the manufacturing technology seen at Fortune Furniture and Decca Group.

Furniture Manufacturing in China: Royal & Sogal

By Karen Koenig Posted: 03/02/2011 12:00AM

On a wood furniture production technology tour of China, Wood & Wood Products Editor in Chief Karen Koenig provides a firsthand look at Hong Kong Royal Furniture and Sogal Furniture (Sofia).

Inside Two Mega Chinese Wood Plants

By Karen Koenig Posted: 03/01/2011 12:00AM

“Impressed,” best sums up my thoughts of the plant visits from day one of the Tour of Technology to China, sponsored by Stiles Machinery in conjunction with Homag China Golden Field Ltd.

Residential Design Trends: What’s Hot for 2011

By Karen Koenig Posted: 12/28/2010 12:00AM

Smaller homes, clean lines and more green are just some of the design trends forecast for residences in 2011.

Designer decadence: Jacko’s furniture up for auction

By Karen Koenig Posted: 03/17/2010 12:00AM

Call me conservative, but the just the description of Michael Jackson's custom furniture up for bid is decadence in the extreme. The furniture goes on the auction block in June.

Frivolous lawsuit? Couple sued over IKEA kitchen

By Karen Koenig Posted: 03/09/2010 12:00AM

I’m a big believer that there are too many lawsuits in this country. From the McDonald’s hot coffee fiasco, to a man who filed suit in 2006 against Michael Jordan and Nike co-founder Phil Knight because he found it “distressing” that people were confusing him with Jordan, people will stop at nothing for a buck and a little publicity.

Buy American — and help Canada in the process?

By Karen Koenig Posted: 02/09/2010 12:00AM

In a move some say is better late than never, just last week the U.S. and Canadian governments signed a deal that allows Canadian companies to participate in state and local public works projects in the 37 states that receive funding by the $787 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. In return, U.S. manufacturers/suppliers from those same states will be given the opportunity to compete for Canadian municipal and provincial contracts.

Diagnosis for Wood Problems

By Karen Koenig Posted: $util.date("MM/dd/yyyy h:mma",$article.startDate, "America/Chicago")

Looking for a hairline crack in the wood furniture? Checking the quality of the joints in assembled pieces? Researchers in Germany have developed a new method capable of doing just that.

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