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Xs and Os of the Super Bowl

By Karen Koenig Posted: 02/02/2010 2:00AM

Chop block. Cut. Roughing. Completion. Curl. Try hard enough, and you can segue woodworking into just anything. Even the Super Bowl.

IWF still has value

By Karen Koenig Posted: 01/19/2010 2:00AM

With some of the largest machinery suppliers pulling out of IWF, does this change the value of the show? I say not.

Biomass program: More harm than good?

By Karen Koenig Posted: 01/13/2010 2:00AM

While providing needed subsidies to sawmills and lumber producers, the ramifications of the Biomass Crop Assistance Program is that it is creating a serious shortage of raw materials for producers of composite panels.

moving forward

By Karen Koenig Posted: 12/14/2009 2:00AM

We no longer consider ourselves simply a magazine. Wood & Wood Products is, in fact, part of a multimedia network, incorporating the publication, Web site, comprehensive resource directory, events and conferences, research and digital marketing services.

Is your company among the living dead?

By Karen Koenig Posted: 11/05/2009 2:00AM


Integrity in the Workplace

By Karen Koenig Posted: 10/08/2009 2:00AM

New Furniture Label Law Confusing

By Karen Koenig Posted: 07/01/2009 2:00AM


U.S. Workers Need Your Support

By Karen Koenig Posted: 10/15/2008 2:00AM

The U.S. Senate is stalling on a vote to reauthorize E-Verify, an electronic database used to verify the legal status of U.S. workers.

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