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New respect for ‘social media’

By Helen Kuhl Posted: 06/19/2009 2:00AM


What’s the worst mistake you’ve made on the job? (Doubting you ever demolished the wrong house)

By Mike Wilson Posted: 06/16/2009 2:00AM

Imagine getting a call from your landscaper asking if he should keep cutting your grass because there's no longer a house there to accompany your yard. That's how a man in Georgia found out that his childhood home had been accidentally demolished by a crew that had mistaken it for a house across the street.

Growing furniture with live trees

By Mike Wilson Posted: 06/11/2009 2:00AM

Instead of putting hardwood through saws to cut it to size, then dealing with joinery and finishing, why not just grow your furniture? An artist in Australia named Peter Cook is doing just that.

Spring is in the air, are allergies affecting your shop?

Posted: 06/01/2009 2:00AM

It’s that time of year again up north, when after what has seemed a winter to rival the Ice Age finally ends, the sun shines, birds begin once more to sing, and trees and flowers bloom and then… the misery commences.

Get digital to stick in customers' minds

Posted: 05/26/2009 2:00AM

Although it takes lots of sweat equity (and by sweat, I mean time spent staring at a computer screen), building a brand through social networking doesn’t actually cost a penny in capital. Use tools such as Twitter and Facebook, which are free, and e-newsletters (which can cost money, but are a lot less than the paper variety) to keep your company at the forefront of customers' minds.

A kitchen cabinet photo is worth $1,000

By Lauren Heist Posted: 05/07/2009 2:00AM

My friend is preparing to take one of the biggest steps of his life. He’s about to place an order for new kitchen cabinets.

Can wood engineering save baseball umps?

By Mike Wilson Posted: 04/29/2009 2:00AM

Another serious shattered bat injury sidelined an MLB home-plate umpire last week when the barrel of a broken bat flew back and hit the ump in the head. He was taken to a hospital on a stretcher, but reportedly is fine and didn’t lose consciousness due to the blow.

Quick business tips for shop owners

By Mike Wilson Posted: 03/28/2009 2:00AM

From hidden closet bottom drawers to insight into consumer organization trends, I learned much during the single day I attended the Closets & Home Organization Conference & Expo last week.

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