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Networking for Success: Taking the Mystery Out of 3D Laminates

By Bill Formella Posted: 07/11/2012 10:00AM

The need to network and join discussion groups is advice that should be taken by designers and fabricators of 3D laminate components.

3DL Component Quality: Believing Is Not Achieving!

By Bill Formella Posted: 07/03/2012 11:14AM

Whether we’re outsourcing 3DL components, buying our own press, or sourcing materials, we are simply too quick to believe we can do it cheaper, better, and faster than those who have proven themselves with consistent performance.

3D Laminating Fundamentals: Summer School for Buyers & Specifiers

By Bill Formella Posted: 06/27/2012 1:23PM

I’m convinced the average buyer or specifier of 3D laminated components simply does not understand the distinctions in the products available and their quality.

Woodgrain 3D Laminate: How Real Can It Look?

By Bill Formella Posted: 06/20/2012 8:29AM

Can the average home owner distinguish between the new version of laminate doors and real wood from 10 feet? Answering that question requires more than a simple yes or no.

3D Laminate Components: What Story Is Your Picture Telling?

By Bill Formella Posted: 06/14/2012 8:47AM

At the risk of bogging you down with a blog about a blog about blogging, Rick Hill’s blog from last week is not only right on target, it is extremely relevant for the 3D laminating industry.

Not Your Mama’s Thermofoil Door?

By Bill Formella Posted: 06/06/2012 10:31AM

I want to talk about the most common misconception among consumers of thermofoil products: that thermofoil is synonymous with white and looks like cheap plastic.

Thermofoil: 3D Laminating Technology Grows Up

By Bill Formella Posted: 05/31/2012 9:50AM

This year the North American market for 3D laminated thermofoil turns 24. While there were some struggles in its infancy, the good news is 3D laminating now produces components that are both aesthetically pleasing and extremely durable.

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