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Woodworking Market: Like Pulling A String

By Rick Hill Posted: 08/17/2011 12:00AM

The woodworking market is like a string: You can't push a string and expect it to go anywhere, you have to pull it. The woodworking market is like a string. You can't push a string and expect it to go anywhere, you have to pull it.

Avoiding Cubicle Faux Pas and Other Office Tips

By Karen Koenig Posted: 08/16/2011 12:00AM

A recent study found office space continues to shrink, bringing workers closer together. Here are a few etiquette tips to help you avoid irritating co-workers — and vice versa.

Wood Veneered to Stone Wafers? That's High Tech

By Bernie Bottens Posted: 08/12/2011 12:00AM

Woodworking technology and mixed materials from a chance visitor at WoodworkingNetwork's AWFS Fair booth sparked a mind-provoking conversation.

Chopsticks to China, Not Coals to Newcastle

By Bill Esler Posted: 08/11/2011 12:00AM

The Americus, GA woodworking firm producing poplar and sweet gum chopsticks for export to China wins plaudits from points around the world rooting for a U.S. manufacturing revival.

How To Plan For Your Woodworking Business

By Rick Hill Posted: 08/10/2011 12:00AM

You can’t control the economy or the customer, but you can control your activity.

Feng Shui for the Office

By Karen Koenig Posted: 08/09/2011 12:00AM

My office is probably the exact opposite of what's considered good Feng Shui. Should I be stressed?

Closet Design Certification Has Arrived

By Rich Christianson Posted: 08/05/2011 12:00AM

The Association of Closet and Storage Professionals seeks to propel storage design to a new level with its new three-tiered certification program.

Selling Custom Woodworking Shops

By Bill Esler Posted: 08/04/2011 12:00AM

Increasing numbers of small business are for sale or selling - up eight percent during the second quarter according to, a brokerage site. But average sale prices are  falling, hovering at $150,000, as more small firms sell.

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