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Cabinet Makers Association Expands Education Line-up at IWF 2014

By Dave Grulke Posted: 05/25/2014 10:19PM

Expanded live sessions for the new CMA Professional Certification Program and will be offered at IWF 2014. You do not need to be a CMA member or enrolled in our certification program to attend these sessions. All are welcome.

Woodwork Decisions as a Measure of Life

By Matt D'Anca Posted: 05/25/2014 8:00AM

Wood craft has amazing parallels to life 's decision-making process. Of all the work there is to be done in the woodshop, the hardest work is the decision making, and understanding how it moves us closer to the end result.

Taking the Measure of a New Wood Moisture Meter

By Matt D'Anca Posted: 05/23/2014 9:00AM

General Tool has a new wood moisture meter on the market. Check out my review of some of the really nice features.

What's on the Mind of the Woodworker? Cooking!

By Bill Esler Posted: 05/22/2014 4:33PM

Research into how woodworkers see the world reveals some surprises. If a woodworker won the lottery? 55% would invest the money in their business. Favorite past time? Woodworking (duh) and then cooking! So, burgers on a board.

Nailing Tongue-and-Groove with Portable Compressor

By Jared Patchin Posted: 05/22/2014 10:47AM

This little air compressor is my second favorite product made by Senco, the first being their new cordless F-18 nail gun. We have been using the Senco PC1010 for about 10 years, and recently upgraded to the PC1010N.

Plan, Measure, Mark, Then Cut...Repeat Indefinitely

By Matt D'Anca Posted: 05/22/2014 8:00AM

There is an old adage in the woodwork and in all the trades that everyone has heard: “Measure twice, Cut once.” Let me share with you a better adage: Plan, Measure, Mark, Cut...Repeat Indefinitely!

My Next Woodshop Tool Purchase: A Gargoyle?

By Matt D'Anca Posted: 05/16/2014 8:22PM

My woodcraft has changed from the days when I was fascinated with that magical moment where the blade meets the board. I now find myself fascinated with those magical moments of selling the customer

Stop Thinking About Buying a Spray Gun; Just Do It!

By Scott Wunder Posted: 05/14/2014 8:55PM

If you have been thinking about buying a spray gun, stop! There is no reason (except for money) to think about it anymore. Start living your woodworking dream and buy one.

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