Lumber, Logs, Tables, and Mantles: What Goes on at WunderWoods

By Scott Wunder | Posted: 06/09/2014 1:31PM


On a semi-regular basis I talk to someone who would have used me for their last project, but they didn’t because they didn’t know everything I do. My woodworking customers don’t know I mill lumber, my milling customers don’t know I sell lumber, my lumber customers don’t know I do custom woodworking, and I blame it all on my inept advertising department.

I am here to change all of that with a new video that shows what is really happening at WunderWoods (when I am working). With the help of a few of my customers, I have put together a montage of the goings on in a three-week span of my daily work life. The clips are chronological in order, but random in their approach. One day I cut a tree, the next day I finish a piece of furniture – just like real life.

The bottom line is that if it involves wood there is a good chance I do it.

Thanks to Dwayne Tiggs from Crafty Naturals, Jermain Todd from Mwanzi, and Martin Goebel from Goebel and Company Furniture for starring in the video.

The following photos are of the finished products shown in progress in the video:


About the Author

Scott Wunder, Wunder Woods

Scott Wunder

From felling the trees through installation of the final piece Scott Wunder, owner of WunderWoods in St. Charles, MO, shares his woodworking knowledge with anyone that will talk to him about wood. Whether you want to learn about milling lumber or need help on a project, get your fill of woodworking infotainment at Scott specializes in finishing (mostly because no one else likes to sand). Reach him at or

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A.M. Stover    
Bronx, NY  |  June, 12, 2014 at 08:31 AM


patti capri    
Choptank Closets--Easton, Maryland  |  June, 12, 2014 at 08:46 PM

Wow! Amazing-- thanks for sharing. I will show to my mill Workers too. Thank you-- beautiful !


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