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Egypt's Surprising Furniture Making

By Bill Esler Posted: 03/12/2011 2:00AM

Our wood craft and furniture manufacturing ties to Egypt come to mind as we witness the turmoil and transition in the Middle East. Ancient Egypt   originated plywood, celebrated fine woodworking, and likewise Egypt has been a seminal influence on wood design in furnishings.

Customizing Every Wood Product: Wood Tech Summit

By Bill Esler Posted: 03/03/2011 2:00AM

From cars, to cabinets, to closets, today's consumer wants everything individualized. Using automation in CNC and software to do that was among the big ideas explored at Wood Tech Summit in Charlotte last week.

OFS Systems and National level With You

By Bill Esler Posted: 02/24/2011 2:00AM

Business furnishings makers OFS Systems and National Furniture explain why their companies adopted the BIFMA level rating system, and how it has impacted manufacturing and operational strategies.

Wood Supply Pricing Pressures

By Bill Esler Posted: 02/17/2011 2:00AM

Wood manufacturing is serious business. Costs of wood, hardware and coatings are rising. Controlling logistics, IT and energy use matter more than ever. The competitive landscape has reshaped your information needs. And Woodworking Network is with you.

A Modest Proposal: End Supreme Court Cabinetmaking

By Bill Esler Posted: 02/10/2011 2:00AM

Strong response to a story on hiring a custom woodworker for the U.S. Supreme Court confirms the job shortage in custom woodworking. . .and makes a case for trimming an expense from the Judiciary branch.

Greener Wood? Consumers Care

By Bill Esler Posted: 02/03/2011 2:00AM

Wood is central to how Lowe's and Home Depot mass market sustainability. The home improvement giants efforts raise awareness of green concerns for furnishings, finishes and everything we do.

Woodshop 101: Creating Jobs, Saving Kids

By Bill Esler Posted: 01/27/2011 2:00AM

Woodworking class can improve U.S. education, and maybe save American youth.

Why the Wood Industry Management Turnover

By Bill Esler Posted: 01/20/2011 2:00AM

Rising wood prices, shrinking work spaces, work forces, and furnishings demand are among challenges for new managers in top ranks of cabinetry and furniture businesses.

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