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Smaller Woodworking Firms Are Thinking Big

By Bill Esler Posted: 05/19/2011 2:00AM

Lean wood manufacturing in a small production setting? Producing to architectural standards that the biggest firms use? Relying on metrics to analyze your woodworking performance? Just because a business is small in size doesn't mean its small in stature.

World's Largest Wood Structure Opens

By Bill Esler Posted: 05/12/2011 2:00AM

A wood canopy of six giant  "parasols" has been erected in Seville, Spain. Designed by Berlin architect J. Mayer H., and built of 3,400 wooden parts, it is over 90 feet tall and almost 500 feet long.

A Wood Products Food Fight?

By Bill Esler Posted: 05/04/2011 2:00AM

Lumber prices will rise as food manufacturers and jet fuel distillers join the parade of competing claims for wood industry resources.

Labor Strife and Wood Production

By Bill Esler Posted: 04/28/2011 2:00AM

A large Washington State manufacturer moved production from a union plant to a non-union site in South Carolina. Now the National Labor Relation's Board's top lawyer has filed a suit, claiming it's illegal. The story is cautionary; the employer is Boeing.

How Wood Business Gets Done

By Bill Esler Posted: 04/25/2011 2:00AM

How wood residential furniture is made, shipped, and retailed follows many models. In one case, logistics firms retail, or even assemble, furniture for wood products firms. In another, a retailer sells strictly online, relying on furniture factories to produce even the ad copy and drop ship to clients. Other residential furniture makers own retail chains and franchises; some sell exclusively through designated channels. 

Wood Furniture: One Offs and Eclectic Are Hot

By Bill Esler Posted: 04/21/2011 2:00AM

Wood furniture as fashion statement is gaining buzz, as designers embrace an eclectic look. Woodworkers may see a business as retailers look for one-of-a-kind chairs, tables and cabinets.

Getting Gritty on Sanding at Wood EBC

By Bill Esler Posted: 04/14/2011 2:00AM

For being such an abrasive firm, 3M has been rather soft spoken in recent years. All that's going to change, as tours of 3M's World of Innovation Center and Customer Abrasive Methods Center made clear during the woodworking industry EBC.

Ancient Tree Bioclones: Could It Mean Better Lumber

By Bill Esler Posted: 04/10/2011 2:00AM

Reforesting the earth with the hardiest of tree species is the goal of the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive. Cuttings from trees that are best of breed can produce the best timber and lumber, too.

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