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The Yoda of Moulding

By Bernie Bottens Posted: 08/07/2013 1:43PM

Sheldon Smith from Cut N Crown moulding shares his wisdom with AWFS Fair 2013 attendees.

Quality Finish? Speed and Distance Are Critical

By Bernie Bottens Posted: 07/11/2013 10:33AM

When it comes to getting the best wood finish, spray gun speed and distance are critical.

Fine Tuning Spray Gun Technique

By Bernie Bottens Posted: 07/02/2013 9:00AM

When you pick up the spray gun, you need to concentrate on correct habits, concentrate on your hand-eye coordination, and continue to do so long after muscle memory kicks in.

Tips to Optimize Spray Gun Finishing

By Bernie Bottens Posted: 06/20/2013 10:58AM

Woodworkers, to improve transfer efficiency in spray gun finishing think like a finisher. Builders often build pieces that difficult to spray.

Wood Finishing: What is Transfer Efficiency?

By Bernie Bottens Posted: 06/13/2013 10:29AM

Transfer efficiency, T.E., is the amount of wood coating that actually lands on the item that you are spraying. See what factors affect the T.E. number.

Finishing Challenges: Goobers in the Woodgrain

By Bernie Bottens Posted: 06/03/2013 8:59AM

We've been discussing how to make repairs to woodgrain and my buddy Kevin Kamberg, an expert on this, shared a few tips on how to repair lacquer that has floating debris.

Woodgrain Repair Tips

By Bernie Bottens Posted: 05/24/2013 9:19AM

More tips from my buddy Kevin Kamberg on how to repair wood finishes.

How to Repair Catalyzed Wood Finishes

By Bernie Bottens Posted: 05/17/2013 9:27AM

Razor blades can help in catalyzed wood finish repair. This week my buddy Kevin Kamberg, an expert in using MEK and PM Acetate to repair wood finishes, gives a few tips.

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