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Big Closets - Big Questions

By Denise Butchko Posted: 03/24/2015 2:55PM

f you’ve got a large space (oftentimes the size of an entire room) then there are likely a lot more obstacles (like outlets and windows and even other closet doors).

Modern Family Closet Does It All Wrong

By Denise Butchko Posted: 03/05/2015 10:54AM

Jay Pritchett of ABC's "Modern Family" could learn a thing or two from Closet Design 101. Check out my alternative design options.

Don't Waste Your Time Attending the Closet Conference IF:

By Richie DeMarco Posted: 03/05/2015 8:59AM

Planning to attend the 2015 Cabinets & Closets Conference? Then make sure you don't waste your time: Learn something new, meet new people and come up with new ideas.

Design Reality Show Exposes Challenges of Custom Furniture Design

By Denise Butchko Posted: 03/03/2015 9:23AM

Most consumers have no awareness of what is involved in the conception, designing, engineering and building of custom furniture. Ellen's Design Challenge reality show exposed the intricacies of custom furniture and cabinet design.

Good Design Leads To A Good Career

By Denise Butchko Posted: 02/27/2015 10:43AM

Designer Denise Butchko gave a presentation at Lanham, MD-based Closet America, emphasizing how design is driving growth in the industry and the variety of opportunities available.

Design = Images

By Denise Butchko Posted: 02/18/2015 9:13PM

Whether you’re making cabinets or making closets, you’re in the image business.

Dump Your Newsletter and Replace It With Visual Content

By Denise Butchko Posted: 02/13/2015 10:56AM

Designers, you want more engagement with your customers? Then add more images and visual content to your communications.

Favorite Closet Things from Design and Construction Week

By Denise Butchko Posted: 02/04/2015 3:48PM

Designer Denise Butchko, Butchko & Co., reveals her list of favorite things seen during Design & Construction Week, held Jan. 20-22 in Las Vegas.

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