Closet Installers: Are Your Field Cuts Clean?

By Richie DeMarco | Posted: 05/17/2013 10:47AM


Richie DeMarco FestoolFestool In a perfect world your job is cut in the shop, every measurement is exact and every wall is square.

This isn’t ground breaking news, but the world isn’t perfect - and neither are most of the walls in it.

What do you do when you have to cut melamine in the field? 

Is the cut clean on both sides?

I’m sure every installer has a method and some are really good at it. But what about the guys that aren’t as skilled?  How much extra time does it cost you because you don’t have the right tool for the job.

Recently I started distributing Festool and they manufacturer a track saw designed for field cuts.

My initial response was great, but there is no way that you will be able to cut melamine clean on both sides.  That was until I saw it in action.  The cut was nearly perfect!  The saw ran for 2 days straight at the Closet Expo and it was still giving a clean cut on Friday afternoon.

After speaking with many of my customers I found everyone fell into one of three groups

1.1. They never heard of Festool.

1.2. They heard of Festool, but never saw a demo or knew anything other than the price.

1.3. The groupies... Seriously it’s similar to the people that sleep outside of the Apple store waiting for the next Iphone...

Personally I fix everything in my house with a hammer and some duct tape but wish I garage full of Festool...

Which group do you fall in?

I would love to hear your story. 

If you have any questions I’m sure your local Festool dealer will be able to help or as always you can send me an email at


About the Author

Richie DeMarco

Richie DeMarco was declared “The Mayor of Hardware” at the 2011 Closet Expo. With nearly 15 years of experience he has moved up the ranks at Eveready Hardware and is currently the vice president. He serves on the Board of Directors for the ACSP and moderates the LinkedIn group Hardware Nation. He can be contacted at or follow him on Twitter @MayorOfHardware.

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