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By Denise Butchko | Posted: 12/05/2012 11:40AM


When was the last time you worked from home?


You're doing it right now?

Well – welcome to the “work at home” party.

According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, eight out of ten people say they prefer to work at home (the other two prefer Starbucks!).

So, setting up an effective work environment that's easily accessible, organized and “user friendly” is really important.

click image to zoom A few basics include any form of shelving that's adjustable (with adjustable being the key word) and shallow. Most office items are small – so putting things on deep shelves just helps them get lost behind and on top of each other.

Another great way to keep things together is to use “portable” containers in conjunction with effective organizing systems that you set up on your laptop, so some systems are “material” and some systems are “electronic”. I have to be mobile in my work, so having both is an important component of my efficiency and effectiveness.

Also, be sure you incorporate good folder organizing and naming, as well as using tools like Evernote (https://evernote.com) and Basecamp (http://basecamp.com). You could also invest some time with a professional organizer who specializes in home office organization (http://smartsolos.com/category/blog/). Then you're really leveraging the designed/installed desk and cabinet system because you're gaining insights on the best way to organize the system that you've “organized”.

I think this is great advise to give to any clients with whom I consult on home office design. In fact, sometimes I prefer that they get a handle on organization before we design a home office. It forces them to focus a bit more, determine (with certainty) what equipment they need to accommodate, who will be using the space besides them and what sorts of activities need to be accomplished in the space we design.

And if you'd like a few visual examples of these solutions, check out the videos above and below.



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Denise Butchko

Denise Butchko is a design and marketing expert who teaches these concepts with the intention of helping people grow their businesses (particularly those in the design/build industries). She’s been a contributor to Closets magazine since 2003 and is a judge for the closet industries “Top Shelf” Design Competition. She's also a member of the first graduating class of Registered Storage Designers. Her design work has been featured in national publications like “Better Homes & Gardens” and The Chicago Tribune and she works with some of the top interior design firms in the country. She’s helped cabinet companies launch closet product lines and trained sales professionals in both design and marketing, including ways to leverage social media and design to increase opportunities and brand themselves as the “go to expert”. If you want to have fun while you learn and bring your “A” game to your business, Denise is the one to partner with to make that happen. You can find her at Google+ or go to denisebutchko.com or to butchkoandcompany.com

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