Five Trends For In and Out of the Closet Style

By Denise Butchko | Posted: 01/03/2013 2:36PM


In an eternal quest to do the best possible job for my clients, I’m also on an unending quest for the latest design trends and ways to incorporate those in to custom storage solutions.

So – here’s what’s on the “trend” horizon in case you want to update any elements of your own style or home storage sytstem – be it a closet,r home office or some other nook in your house:

1. Livable Space – a concept I just love. There are lots of people with lots of space and not all of it is effectively designed or utilized. And even less is truly multi-functional (unless you’re defining multi-functional as the ability to take your laptop to the recliner and type away and consider that a home office).

In that vein, think about the dining rooms. How often do they really get utilized beyond holiday dinner parties?

Not much.

What you’ll see in newer spaces is less “formal” and more “multi-functional” spaces, where people can live together and do a multitude of activities in the same area.

2. Moving From Dark To Light – I say alleluia! We’ve had a dark wood focus for over a decade. It’s time for movement away from the dark wood tones and in to the medium (including the Long Island Medium if you subscribe to my school of thought!).

click image to zoomJen OVerallI have a client who painted the walls of her closet a shade of Tiffany blue, did the closet itself in silver melamine and added a blingy chandelier and handles. 3. True Blue – You’ll see lots of the color blue being added to homes with a mix of royal blues and dark blues. I have a client who painted the walls of her closet a shade of Tiffany blue, did the closet itself in silver melamine and added a blingy chandelier and handles. You can check out a video of this project here (and subscribe to my Youtube channel while you’re there to receive tips and updates as I post them).

4. Downsizing – More city. Less country. More walking. Less driving. I know that this will seem foreign to many who are very attached to their yards and garages and driveways and basements and attics, but living in a city environment allows more independence and easier social interactions. I frequently get to help couples who are leaving their house in the suburbs for a place in the city and I love doing that (with the caveat that they have easily recognized that they don’t need to keep all the stuff they had in those basements and attics and garages!).

Sidelines Brass Valet Rod 5. Antique Brass Accents – This is an “OMG” for me. It seems to be shining through on a horizon that has been stainless and brushed for more than a decade. Personally, I don’t love it, but if you do, then have at it because it’s gaining in popularity. And lucky you if you still have old inventory of brass accessories because you can resurrect them in a promotional sale as the latest trend (like this valet rail from Sidelines).

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Denise Butchko is a design and marketing expert who teaches these concepts with the intention of helping people grow their businesses (particularly those in the design/build industries). She’s been a contributor to Closets magazine since 2003 and is a judge for the closet industries “Top Shelf” Design Competition. She's also a member of the first graduating class of Registered Storage Designers. Her design work has been featured in national publications like “Better Homes & Gardens” and The Chicago Tribune and she works with some of the top interior design firms in the country. She’s helped cabinet companies launch closet product lines and trained sales professionals in both design and marketing, including ways to leverage social media and design to increase opportunities and brand themselves as the “go to expert”. If you want to have fun while you learn and bring your “A” game to your business, Denise is the one to partner with to make that happen. You can find her at Google+ or go to or to

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