Closet Conference 2013 – The Year of the “Golden Nugget”

By Richie DeMarco | Posted: 03/08/2013 4:43PM


Every year I am refreshed and energized after the Closet Conference, this year was no different.

Dave Skinner President of the ACSP, had a mission, he wanted every attendee to leave with a “golden nugget.”  If you can incorporate one idea, or implement one tip from the conference and it saves you money or better yet makes you money – than Vance and the ACSP accomplished their goal of helping you be more successful!!

I left the show with a pocket full of “nuggets” and wanted to share a few with you…

The Keynote speaker was Robert Reiss, host of the CEO Show.   He kicked off the conference with an emotional speech that touched the audience.  In his presentation The Transformative CEO Robert gave 7 values of great CEOs.  Here are the top 3 -

-Stake your claim to new value – How can you transform the ultimate commodity? Eggland’s Best created a better egg…  What can you do in your industry?

-Have a higher purpose.  A closet designer in the audience was “Saving marriages by creating more space and organizing couples lives.” 

-Culture is the CEO’s #1 job.  Zappos topped the list of company culture.  They go above and beyond to keep their employees and their customers happy.

Visit  to see Robert interview many of today’s top CEO’s.

Hubspot gave a very informative session about in-bound marketing.  There are too many tips to list in one blog post… I will be circling back to their session in the coming weeks – stay tuned.

While you wait I suggest taking advantage of their website grader.  It’s really easy to do, click the link enter your web and email address.  It will give you a score along with a list of things that you can do to make your site better…

I scored a 74, how did you do?

Eric from Modern Closets gave a tip on keeping track of the tools on his trucks.  Each truck is assigned a color and he spray paints every tool that color.  This reduced the number of lost or broken tools and the fighting among the installers.

Richie DeMarco Your turn… What “nuggets” did you take from the conference? 

How are you incorporating them into your business?

If you have any questions about the conference or if I can be of any assistance please feel free to contact me at


About the Author

Richie DeMarco

Richie DeMarco was declared “The Mayor of Hardware” at the 2011 Closet Expo. With nearly 15 years of experience he has moved up the ranks at Eveready Hardware and is currently the vice president. He serves on the Board of Directors for the ACSP and moderates the LinkedIn group Hardware Nation. He can be contacted at or follow him on Twitter @MayorOfHardware.

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USA  |  May, 26, 2013 at 12:23 PM

Nicely written and informative. I used Hubspot for a year when I started my company. They had a 'special' offer for small businesses - a slightly lower rate and a dedicated consultant. Well the consultant I think was there for 60 minutes tiwce a month. Got me started but left me needing more. When the contract ended I just gave it up. Too much money for my size business. While the tools were great - I got a feeling that evenutally all my content was being migrated over - and no one had a plan for going back to my web site if the contract ever ended (it did). So ironically I worried what that did for my pages ranking etc.

Richie DeMarco    
May, 27, 2013 at 08:31 AM

Hi Dave, Thanks for commenting! Personally I have never used Hubspot, I know that many of the members of the ACSP have and believe that it helps them. Even if you don't use their service you can visit their site and find a lot of free tips and tricks about content marketing and SEO. If I can ever be of any assistance please feel free to send me an email at


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