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IWF 2012: The Woodworking Industry Recovers

By Bill Esler Posted: 08/28/2012 4:00PM

At IWF, wood production technology, labor saving devices, application software and hardware and supplies for managing wood production cells that can mass produce, mass customize, or efficiently deliver batches of one.

IWF 2012: We've Got You Covered

By Bill Esler Posted: 08/17/2012 12:46PM

For the woodworking show, everyone has an agenda. Mine is to track down wood industry software applications; to look at inkjet imaging and coating of wood; and check out portable and benchtop power tools. And everything CNC.

Wood Industry Technical Inspiration - A New Source

By Bill Esler Posted: 08/15/2012 12:33PM

Parts of the woodworking business may be slow to change, but we are all living in a world that’s changing quickly. October's Wood Tech Summit will fill the wood industry’s need for technical inspiration and information.

Cabinetry for Export: Earn Euros in Your Spare Time

By Bill Esler Posted: 08/08/2012 12:50PM

Wood product exports, traditional face frame cabinets versus frameless design: this isn't metric versus English measure, but it's something like that.

Gibson CEO: Betting the Farm on Busing GOP?

By Bill Esler Posted: 07/26/2012 6:00PM

Gibson Musical Instrument, whose wood import practices face Federal scrutiny, may be banking on sympathy from a new administration. But some sales prospects - including Sting and Mick Jagger - don't agree.

Are Woodworkers Losers in the National Toolbox? No!

By Bill Esler Posted: 07/21/2012 6:00PM

Woodworking craftsmanship is tied to best practices in education, and to our fate as a leader in technology. A hopeful tone is heard in recent support at IWF for WoodLINKS, the Woodwork Career Alliance and education funding.

Wood Industry Recovery. . .For Real This Time

By Bill Esler Posted: 07/15/2012 6:00PM

Chances are you are seeing more custom furniture and cabinet orders. Housing is recovering, and it looks like we can trust the woodworking industry is recovering with it. Really.

Extreme Joinery: Wood Building Skips Nails, Connectors

By Bill Esler Posted: 06/30/2012 7:28PM

Wood fittings, used in Japanese puzzles, have already been applied to solid wood furniture. Now a cypress building has been assembled entirely from giant sized versions of the wood puzzle sticks, held together only by uniquely shaped joints. See a slide show.

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