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Wood Shop Employees: The Fear Factor

By Bill Esler Posted: 10/23/2012 3:04PM

Finding woodworkers with job-winning skills is the challenge of the day. It's impeding wood crafting businesses, and all markets.

Cabinets and Wood Products and the FTC Green Guidelines

By Bill Esler Posted: 10/05/2012 10:00AM

Wood products sold to consumers, from bamboo iPad cases to "free from" harmful chemicals, to "biodegradable" or "made with recycled content" all must be backed by hard evidence if the phrases are used in marketing.

Video: Is the housing market recovering? Is it ever!

By Bill Esler Posted: 10/04/2012 8:51AM

Is it safe to say the woodworking industry is recovering? Yes, a home buidling and remodeling is driving it, as the latest Federal Reserve Beige Book documents. An underlying factor: formation of new households.

Timber and Home Construction Lifted by Housing

By Bill Esler Posted: 10/03/2012 10:00AM

The housing recovery is driving investment into home building, with lumber and forest products firms the beneficiaries.

Wood Fungus Makes for Modern-day Stradivarius Violin

By Bill Esler Posted: 09/30/2012 6:00PM

Swiss wood products scientists use a fungus to transform Norway spruce and maplewood into wood good enough to replicate a Stradivarius violin, in research based on hot to stop fungi from rotting wood.

CNC Routers: Wood Crafters Build Their Own Machines

By Bill Esler Posted: 09/23/2012 10:00AM

CNC machine kits, and the hand-held CNC router developed by MIT students, suggest growing potential of cottage-based industrial production.

Wood Industry Workers for a Post-Craftsmanship Era

By Bill Esler Posted: 09/19/2012 3:40PM

A contemporary woodshop will find all manner of digital assists to getting the job done. And in many cases, a younger corps of workers using them.

IWF 2012: The Woodworking Industry Recovers

By Bill Esler Posted: 08/28/2012 4:00PM

At IWF, wood production technology, labor saving devices, application software and hardware and supplies for managing wood production cells that can mass produce, mass customize, or efficiently deliver batches of one.

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