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Educate Woodworkers: I Challenge You

By Bernie Bottens Posted: 10/18/2012 10:29AM

Help kids learn skills to become tomorrow’s woodworkers and achieve well-paying careers in woodworking, and make their time in high school more meaningful. I challenge you to join the WoodLINKS movement.

Math For Wood Finishers

By Bernie Bottens Posted: 10/04/2012 11:02AM

Whether mixing wood finishing recipes for a post-cat or enlarging a wipe stain recipe, we need to be able to understand and use proportion to correctly do that.

Get to Know and Help Grow WoodLINKS USA

By Bernie Bottens Posted: 09/27/2012 8:55AM

Good cabinetmakers don’t just fall off of any old turnip truck that rolls through town. That's why we need to support WoodLINKS to help create the next generation of qualified woodworkers.

"Build As If You Were Wood Finishers"

By Bernie Bottens Posted: 09/14/2012 10:00AM

I really encourage builders to build as if they were the finisher. Make adjustments at the bench before the project hits the spray booth.

Wood Coatings: A Lightbulb Moment

By Bernie Bottens Posted: 09/13/2012 10:00PM

New coatings technology probably means that we need to approach how we build things as well as how we spray things in the booth.

Sanding and Finishing While Using Putty to Fill the Cracks

By Bernie Bottens Posted: 08/30/2012 10:00AM

Discussing how water-based putty makes for an easy fix for cracks in this wood project while moving on to the sanding and finishing of the rails.

Portable Sawmill: Must-have Birthday Gift?

By Bernie Bottens Posted: 08/23/2012 2:12PM

On the IWF 2012 show floor was Baker Products model 3665D portable band sawmill. I’d be very surprised if the sight of that wouldn’t make Dave salivate just a bit.

An Articulated Bandsaw: What a Concept!

By Bernie Bottens Posted: 08/23/2012 10:48AM

I call myself Tool Time Bernie. So it comes as no surprise that band saws will catch my eye.Yesterday, as I walked the aisles at the IWF in Atlanta, I was struck with a moment of déjà vu.

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