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2015 Wood Industry Almanac: A Look at 10 Manufacturing Segments

Posted by Karen Koenig | Posted: 12/02/2014 3:44PM

The 2015 Wood industry Almanac includes information on 10 major secondary woodworking market segments, including forecasts, key facts and figures.

Furniture Design Trends: Ancient Egypt through Today

Posted by Karen Koenig | Posted: 04/10/2015 11:39AM

Compiled by Good's Furniture, this infographic provides a snapshot of the looks and characteristics that came to define furniture, from 3000 BC to the present.

U.S. Rises to Top of Furniture Business by Two Measures

Posted by Bill Esler | Posted: 04/07/2015 2:58PM

The U.S. is a key player in the global furniture sector, says Giovanna Castellina, International Marketing Director at CSIL, the Center for industrial Studies in Milan.

Residential Furniture Orders Up 7% in January Over Last Year

Posted by Karen Koenig | Posted: 04/07/2015 10:55AM

New orders for residential furniture increased 7 percent in January compared to a year earlier, according to the latest survey of manufacturers and distributors by High Point accounting and consulting firm Smith Leonard.

Most Popular Home Projects in the USA

By Ann Reagan, Porch.com Posted: 04/05/2015 5:28PM

When it comes to investing in our homes and properties, where we spend our money, and who we hire to complete projects, may be due to the nature our home or property, regional differences, seasonal influences, or financial incentives.

Housing Task Force Looks at Remodeling Funding for U.S. Seniors

Posted: 04/02/2015 8:42AM

A national effort for remodeling services that would allow aging seniors to stay in their homes is among the programs being evaluated by the Bipartisan Policy Center. Former Republican and Democrat HUD Secretaries are steering the effort.

3 Trends in Hardwood & Softwood Lumber Demand

Posted: 03/31/2015 12:00PM

What are the hot-selling wood species, and what's driving demand? Timber industry experts share their views.

It's True: Termites Prefer California to Texas

By Bill Esler Posted: 03/22/2015 7:59PM

Termites vote with the feet, selecting California as the top state to live. Texas was a close second, with cities in both states moving up in Terminix ranking of most termite-ridden cities. Termite damage to homes costs more than $8,000 on average, $5 billion overall damage nationwide.

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