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Biesse Adds Vertical CNC Machining With Brema Eko 2.1

Posted by Bill Esler | Posted: 05/25/2015 9:49PM

Biesse Brema Eko 2.1 is a vertical machining center that allows small shops to process in batch one with minimal setup time technology. it was shown at LIGNA 2015.

3D Design Studio Runs 5-Axis Multi-head CNC for Hire

By Berkay Devecioglu, CEO Posted: 05/25/2015 7:56PM

BDesign Inc. in Denizli, Turkey, does 3D design and modeling for woodworking CNCs, and will also machine parts on its own multi-station 5-axis CNC equipment.

How Harps Are Made: The Salvi Factory in Italy

Posted by Bill Esler | Posted: 05/25/2015 10:36AM

A Chicago-born global master of harp manufacturing, Victor Salvi emigrated to Italy in 1955 where he assembled a dozen cabinetmakers in Genoa, to build harps commercially. Here's a view of the manufacturing process.

Biesse High Speed Technology for Wood Industry 4.0 at LIGNA 2015

Posted by Bill Esler | Posted: 05/20/2015 3:11PM

Biesse captures the energy of the highly-trafficked LIGNA 2015 in a video that shows high speed materials handling, interior contoured edgebanding, dual-head CNC component cutting and other Industry 4.0 technology.

Phoseon Demonstrates UV LED Wood Coating Curing at LIGNA 2015

By Bill Esler Posted: 05/14/2015 5:12AM

Phoseon UV wood coating curing using cooler, more stable LED lamps is on display at a number of LIGNA 2015 exhibits. It is an enabling technology for Batch 1 production as well as in-line inkjet panel decorating technology.

Schelling at the LIGNA 2015: new High-tech for Lot-size 1 Product

Posted by Bill Esler | Posted: 05/02/2015 4:56PM

Automated, customized production of case goods in Lot-size 1 production is a hotly-debated issue in the kitchen cabinetry and furniture industry. Schelling says it will be presenting a completely redesigned concept in panel production at the LIGNA 2015.

Plywood Alternative Is Grown from Mushrooms

Posted by Bill Esler | Posted: 04/27/2015 10:18PM

Ecovative Design has made a mission of replacing synthetic plastic polymers with natural mushroom based polymers, called mycellium. First used in packaging and OSB-alternatives, new applications are being developed to replace plywood in furniture.

Testing Wood-Skin Flexible Panel Vertical Hanging Strength

By Bill Esler Posted: 04/24/2015 10:52AM

Wood-Skin, a sandwich of wood panel and flexible fabric material, is being developed into furniture and wall panels. A hanging strength test is documented in the video below for vertical surface applications.

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