Designer Debbie Cantrell Describes Winning Luxury Closet

Posted: 04/30/2014 11:20AM


Closets Laminate over 18 linear feet winner Debbie Cantrell, Closets By Design VA, discusses with Top Shelf Design judge Denise Butchko, how she designed a luxury, two-story closet.


Top Shelf Design Awards judge Denise Butchko talks with designer Debbie Cantrell, Closets By Design about her award-winning home office design.

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Larry Nordseth    
August, 02, 2014 at 06:44 AM

Debbie Cantrell used my copy written design for this closet. I am in the process of taking legal action against her and the homeowner for copyright infringement. I spent about 150 hours meeting and designing the closet and the design that Ms Catrell claims as her own. When I first met with the home owner the space wasnkt even in fial framing. I worked with him and his wife for several months to create the space and provided the homeowner with detailed plans which were used to fabricate this closet. I spent countless hours going over in specific detail every detail of the closet including the placement of the lighting in the ceiling and the luggage alcove area Ms Cantrell claims to have had a "challenge" designing. My biggest mistake was the final meeting with the homeowner when I was under the pretense that we were going to be hired to install the closets we designed, we layed out the entire room as you see it with Black magic Marker on the plywood subfloor using precise measurements. Any person with a pencil and paper could have figured out how to layout the closet when the homeowner had professional plans AND the plans transferred onto the subfloor. The closet was Designed by me and I was not compensated for the design or my time and I have not been rightfully credited for the closet design as Ms Cantrell claims it is her work. I welcome a response from Ms Cantrell.


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