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Woodworking CNC for Archtop Guitars

Posted: 07/09/2010 2:00AM

A Spanish guitar designer, has created the world’s first “serviced” archtop guitar kit creating the wood parts with complex contours from spruce and maple, using a Techno CNC router.

Panel Saw Cutlists

By Bill Esler Posted: 07/09/2010 2:00AM

Colonial Saw Co. has introduced two new vertical panel saws: the Swiss-made Striebig Control and Evolution models. Seen at the big spring Xylexpo wood industry exhibition in Milan, Italy, these two saws are similar in appearance and share a number of automated features, including touch screen color display panel, the ability to upload cutlists, and a laser light cutting guide.

Kimball Office’s Coating Advance Enables Mighty Miters

By Bill Esler Posted: 06/14/2010 2:00AM

Kimball Office, a unit of $1.2 billion Kimball International, serves market segments where highly functional interiors intersect with top quality design. “We are in a fashion industry,” explains Kent Reyling, director, market education for Kimball Office. “But we have to make things that are practical.” 

Modern Lighting for Cabinet Shops

By Jon Elvrum Posted: 05/11/2010 2:00AM

Lighting is one of those business aspects we really take for granted. Hit the switch and lights go on. Great! Don’t come on? A bummer — maybe we should replace that dead bulb.

Digital Printing Creates a Furniture ‘Tattoo'

By Jo-Ann Kaiser Posted: 04/07/2010 2:00AM

We’ve  known for some time that the digital age is here, but it’s interesting to see the many areas it encompasses — literally. Digital printing for surface technologies is now being used to a greater extent in the woodworking industry.

Optimizing the Rough Mill Area

Posted: 03/19/2010 2:00AM

As lumber is processed, value is added at each step of the process. A rough mill processing 12 thousand board feet (12 Mbf) of dried lumber per day, valued at $900/Mbf, can save approximately $58,000 per year simply by improving rough mill yield by just 1 percent. However, yield alone does not provide a complete picture of profitability in the rough mill. There is opportunity for maximizing the value of the products produced and by minimizing manufacturing costs to impact overall profitability.

Sanding skill standards announced

Posted: 03/19/2010 2:00AM

The Woodwork Career Alliance is developing a publication of industry-approved Standard of Tool Skills and Evaluations. Following is a portion of the chart on widebelt sanding.

How aggregate heads can improve the productivity of a CNC machine

Posted: 03/19/2010 2:00AM

Do your production floor employees struggle with moving work from one machine to another? Do they have to re-position workpieces on the machine? Is your CNC machine unable to perform specific criteria, which causes you to turn down business? Tooling specialist Chris Kelly describes how aggregate heads can provide solutions to these challenges.

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