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A Bit of Cutting Tools

Posted: 04/29/2011 2:00AM

As materials evolve, so do the cutting tools. Here are some of the available bits to meet today’s woodworking needs.

Putting a Value on Equipment Purchases

Posted: 04/29/2011 2:00AM

Items to consider before making a capital expenditure on woodworking equipment.

Crossover Band Saw

By Bill Esler Posted: 03/31/2011 2:00AM

A wood bandsaw for pros and power-user hobbyists.

Recently Released Wonder Saws

Posted: 03/29/2011 2:00AM

Saw envy is totally understandable with these recent arrivals. 

Cabinet Door Resource

By Bill Esler Posted: 03/29/2011 2:00AM

Cal Door offerings form a catalog of wood technique.

Lacquer Pail a Chemical Stew

By Bernie Bottens Posted: 03/29/2011 2:00AM

A perilous journey from pail to cured coating.

Definitions for a Green Plywood

By Bill Esler Posted: 02/07/2011 2:00AM

Evaluating points for LEED and other green certifications.

Sustainable Wood Stains and Coatings

By Bill Esler Posted: 02/07/2011 2:00AM

A thicket of regulators and green seals complicate buyer choices.

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