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Kirei Introduces Windfall Reclaimed Wood Engineered Panels

Posted: 10/03/2011 6:47PM

Kirei is proud to present Windfall, their new line of designer reclaimed wood engineered panels.

Analyzing Moisture In Wood and Wood Products

Posted: 09/27/2011 2:32PM

Establishing moisture content of wood is critical for producing high-quality work.Using moisture meters in the process can provide an assist.

3D wood inspection system

By Bill Esler Posted: 09/16/2011 10:43AM

Oak and other woods are now getting their close-ups using 3D non-contact metrology systems. Nano-views of wood surfaces present images of grain and surface formation in extremely detailed resolution.

Nano Oak Surface Profile Measurement

By Craig Leising Posted: 09/15/2011 6:26PM

Surface evaluation of wood in its processed form is vital to ensure surface quality. Here's a new technology for measuring it.

Custom Specialty Cases, Digitally Engineered

By Bill Esler, Editor in Chief Posted: 09/02/2011 10:54AM

Portland’s Grove LLC has mushroomed from two to 18 employees making custom- and limited-run cases for the iPad and iPhones.

Certification Built by Woodshops

By Bill Esler - Editor in Chief Posted: 09/02/2011 8:33AM

A new professional credentials program for custom cabinetmakers and woodworkers was formally unveiled at the AWFS Fair woodworking show in July. Developed by the Cabinet Makers Association after more than a year of development, this program is integrated to a formal learning cycle and testing system. Completion yields a three-letter acronym that certifies your competency as a cabinetmaker or as a woodworker, at either Certified or Master levels.

2011 WOOD 100: Readying for the Future

By Karen M. Koenig Posted: 09/01/2011 4:04PM

I am constantly amazed by the strength of the companies in the woodworking industry. More so than perhaps any other market, they have been hard hit by the economy — and they are doing whatever it takes to not only survive, but succeed.

2011 WOOD 100: Marketing Initiatives

Posted: 09/01/2011 3:59PM

The sky’s the limit for innovative woodworking firms when it comes to their development and implementation of marketing strategies to grow their businesses. Whether it’s by relying on social media and the internet for promotion and sales, creating or expanding product lines, or taking the uncommon position of selling machining and millwork capabilities to competitors, the companies in this year’s WOOD 100 have all demonstrated the initiative it takes to successfully market and make sales — and get the job done.

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