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From Seed to Finish: Timber Products' Difference

At Timber Products Company, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a commitment woven through every step of our manufacturing process. From seed to finish, each product is the result of thoughtful operations and experienced craftsmanship.

Panel Talk Blogs

Timber Products' Continued Commitment to Partnerships

Timber Products believes strongly in the value of cooperation within the wood products industry and in coordinating efforts to educate the population, legislators and regulators about the benefits of forest management. That is why we are committed to taking an active part in a number of diverse associations.

Panel Talk Blogs

Customer Training Programs are a Unique Opportunity for Distributors

Keeping pace with your industry is crucial for success, and nowhere is that more apparent than for wood products distributors. In an ever-changing market, it’s not enough to rely on past success – to set themselves apart, distributors need to be on the cutting edge of trends and knowledgeable about new products and services in order to provide the best value for their customers.


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