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Welcome to Panel Talk, an information hub to help you learn the important steps in buying and using hardwood plywood and decorative wood panels. Discover trending wood species, how to purchase the right panel products, innovative projects from your peers, and more. You’ll find educational videos, blogs, and podcasts to help your business succeed. Sponsored by Timber Products Company, a U.S. manufacturer of hardwood plywood and decorative panels. 800-547-9520.

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Home Buyer Demographics Changing

Is home ownership still the American dream? This topic was top-of-mind during the 2015 Pacific Coast Builders Conference (PCBC) in San Diego.

The answer, most agreed, was a resounding yes. According to recent statistics, 80 percent of home owners said that buying a house was the proudest moment of their life.

Panel Talk Blogs

When to Outsource Drawer Sides

One of the most common questions woodworkers face today is, “Should I make my own drawers and sides or outsource this function to a supplier?”

Because drawers are such a vital part of most woodworking projects, here are five tips to help you evaluate the best option for your company.

Looks are deceiving

Panel Talk Blogs

Webinar: Learn About Green Building Products Your Customers Will Be Asking For

The market for sustainable building and remodeling is maturing, driven by improvements in panels, adhesives, and other materials.

Consumer expectations are also changing, with formal green pedigrees less important than credible explanations about why materials are green.

That's why you are invited to join us for Woodworking Network's webinar, sponsored by Timber Products Company, on Sept. 24. at 2 p.m. ET.

Panel Talk Blogs

Why Suppliers Can Be Your Best Resource

If you are like most cabinet shops, your conversations with your wood products distributor revolve around price and delivery dates. However, as remodeling season kicks into high gear and the housing market recovers, here are the three most important questions you should ask your supplier that can save you time and money

Panel Talk Blogs

Components University: Five Keys to Deciding Make Vs. Buy

Editor’s note: This is the second part of a year-long series on how woodworkers can utilize custom or standard components to improve their productivity.

With business finally improving, woodworkers are faced with operating decisions they have not had to make in years. Like every other aspect of their business, these opportunities require a fresh perspective. One of those important decisions woodworkers face is to make or outsource component parts. To help our customers decide, here are five tips to consider:

Panel Talk Blogs

Five Questions for Corbin Clay, Azure Furniture Co.

Corbin Clay is the founder of Azure Furniture Co. in Denver, Colorado. The company collaborates with local sawmills, the Colorado State University Forestry Department, and the U.S. Forest Service to transform otherwise unused beetle kill trees into elegant, high-quality furniture. The blue-gray color of the Pine gives dramatic natural character to Azure Furniture Co. products without diminishing the strength or integrity of the wood.

Panel Talk Blogs

Phoenix Firm Captures 2015 BEST Kitchen Design Contest for Linear, Contemporary Makeover

Allan Rosenthal, owner of Linear Fine Woodworking (LFW) in Phoenix, had a big challenge last year when his firm was hired to transform a high-end kitchen into a masterpiece.

“The homeowners really wanted to use Rosewood for the cabinets and a few accompanying pieces of furniture,” he said. “That’s a very difficult species to find. This was around the same time that Fender got fined for using illegal wood for its guitars, which made finding Rosewood that much harder.”

Panel Talk Blogs

Four Lessons for New Product Success

At the Cabinets and Closets Expo in Chicago, an Inventor’s Roundtable sponsored by Timber Products Company featured participants who were all small-business owners and had recently introduced new or cutting-edge products to the marketplace. The purpose was simple: share stories, challenges and experiences in the hope they could help each other.

From the very beginning of the session, there was instant bonding as every person could relate to the trials and tribulations the others were experiencing. Four main themes came out during the discussion:


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