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Canadian News

Gingrich Woodcraft Union Negotiations Hit Impasse

Gingrich Woodcraft and the Unifor union failed to negotiate a settlement during a meeting at the Ontatio Labor Relations Board on August 24. Citing Mennonite beliefs, the wood Devlin, Ontario components manufacturer's owner, Leon Gingrich, closed August 17 after workers voted to unionize on August 12.

Canadian News

Unifor Complaint Says Gingrich Woodcraft is Union Buster

Canada's Unifor union says it filed complaints against Gingrich Woodcraft, alleging the Devlin, Ontario wood components manufacturer is engaging in a lock out to keep its workers from forming a union. Leon Gingrich closed his firm August 17 following an August 12 voted by 69 percent of the company's 25 employees that resulted voting to unionize. A hearing is scheduled for Monday, August 24.


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